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So I recently left a comment on Kristen Lamb’s blog when she questioned “Are we born to create?”  At the end of my comment I mentioned that this blog was brand new and essentially testing the waters till I figure out how to navigate the nuances of blogging in general. Well, after a comment on my comment, I got to thinking why am I hesitating about what I’m going to post. Originally I’d set up this blog as a way to journal some of the experiences that I’d had while living in the United States and for some reason this got stuck in my head. Suddenly, because I had stated somewhere on this page that this “blog” was going to be a story in a blog I wasn’t allowed to post anything else. Why do we impose these unnecessary restrictions on ourselves or is it just me?

I’ve spent the past few days not writing anything and perseverating over how to structure this blog so it makes some kind of sense. Talk about redundant. Primarily, I started this blog to motivate myself to write anything and somewhere in the midst of that I allowed myself to be edited by the process itself.

It’s my laptops fault. It see’s what I’m doing. If I change something it’s going to know and will somehow contact the one other person who at this point has read the crap I’ve put on here.

Thanks to Wayne Borean author of You aren’t a Writer if you don’t Write for putting things in perspective.

So for any visitors who may peruse this blog in the future, have you had similar experiences of self editing that have been counter-productive to your initial intent. Also if you are looking at this right now and check back again in three days, this post may have changed. That’s the beauty of the edit button bitches…